Dear Mr. Ebay Seller…..



You were not very nice at all.

In fact, you were awful.

The lovely rare gorgeous extremely old harmonica was shipped TERRIBLY.


You RIPPED the box.

And you NEVER apologized. I really do not like sellers like you.

Why are the MOST expensive harmonicas shipped the worst.

I give explicit instructions and some sellers STILL ship terribly.

The best shippers tend to ship the tiniest harps. Why is that??


4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Ebay Seller…..

  1. Maybe you should start sending personal communications stating that you often send X$ if all is received in good condition according to your instructions. [but no guarantees- careful about the wording here]. I mean, if there is extra incentive, believable amount- and it’s worth it to you and they feel you would actually do it, it might make a difference? Just a thought. You shouldn’t have to do it. But people suck.

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    1. Great minds think alike. :-}

      I am very excited to win this harp!

      This is my harp shipping rant. Unfortunately too many sellers do not know how to pack harmonicas. Wrap the harmonica and boxes very carefully before shipping. Never ship a harmonica unwrapped in an envelope or even slightly padded envelope. The weight of the instrument will break the package.

      If a harmonica has a box, wrap the box and harp separately. The fragile harmonica boxes rip from the weight of the harp and pressure during during shipping. PLEASE do not squish the box in any way or squeeze the harp and box into a small space. Shake the package before mailing to make sure nothing is moving around.

      I have a large harp collection that I am publishing online as a blog.

      If you have any history or information about this harmonica it would be greatly appreciated. Each harmonica will have it’s own page, including photographs, sound recordings, text and links to your site.


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