CH WEISS-Klange Aus Der Heimat-Tremolo-28


Conversations with Pat Missin:

My fav harp maker – CH Weiss

Very very cool harmonica. (putting in better photos soon)

This is a lovely harp. Very heavy, sounds great, beautiful etchings. Weiss’ signature almost looks like he etched it right on the harp, though I know he didn’t.
Would this be considered a single sided tremolo, 40 reed (I counted)?
Hope it is cool there. The day has heated up a bit much for me but the temps are diving tonight.   My husband is back in four hours from his tour de scruffy, as we call it. He rode the Rails to Trails ride with his best friend, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. and is driving back there as ‘we speak’.
Better sign off before i start talking Futbol.

Really hot and unpleasantly humid weekend, with some serious
thunderstorms. Now we are headed for a weirdly cool few days, which is
fine by me.

Weiss made some really nice instruments and they were one of the
really big players in the business in their heyday.. Old man Hohner
was invited to their factory and he apparently stole a bunch of ideas
from them. They eventually got bought out by Hohner in the late 20s.

This would indeed be a 40 reed single sided tremolo, most commonly
described as having 20 double holes. The “B” indicates the key,
however in German usage, what they call B is what everyone else would
call Bb. B natural is indicated by the letter H. Judging from the
name, it was made for the German market, rather than for export. The
only Weiss catalogs I’ve seen were for the US market, so there’s not
much I can tell you about this one.


thank you so much Pat. Maybe this was made in 1910’s?

Were the harps manufactured for the German market made any differently than the one’s exported, aside from the boxes and words in German Maybe Harland has a Weiss catalogue. He said he has a many many catalogs scattered about.
I read about Old Man Hohner and his sneaky ways.  CH Weiss’s work table was the first place Hohner stole from, I think. It would make a great movie.
The weather outside is supposedly cool here but I am sweating profusely. Think the humidity is rising. again. sigh…


It’s a beautiful Autumnal day outside right now, which would be great
for mid-October, but is a bit weird for mid-August. We even have a
night in the 40s forecast for this week.

That harmonica could well date from 1910-ish, but I must confess to
something of a lack of information about pre-Hohner Weiss harps.
Generally speaking, harmonicas for export were built the same as
harmonicas for the home market, the only real differences being


One thought on “CH WEISS-Klange Aus Der Heimat-Tremolo-28

  1. I’ve got a ch. Weiss Pfalzer waldler harmonica I would like to find out any information about it the writing on box is in German


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