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  1. Hi Miriam, seeing if I can make contact with you regarding Lyon & Healy Concert Grand Soloist Pure Tone B Weiss Germany that we spoke about recently. Thanks & hopefully talk to you soon. Mitch


  2. Hi Miriam,
    A very interesting project. I’m your basic harp player (20 years now), mostly the blues tradition, but also a librarian. Interested in collaborating on an interface that provides access to your proposed harmonicas database?
    Check out my maps interface, which searches 400+ maps from the British Library – I’m sure you would agree that the same interface could work with your dataset (based on what I see from John Whiteman’s PDF).

    My Website interfaces:
    another, probably more relevant but has developed a large-image-floatover glitch:

    BlogPost describing the UoB project:

    If you want to create a crowd-sourcing platform so that volunteer contributors could add to your dataset, I could help with that too.

    Best wishes, Andrew


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