The Harmonica Project

With the blessing of the Harland Crain, I hope to create a single database of all the harmonicas manufactured.

This would include not only Hohner, who has half the list, but everyone else from Thie to Weiss to The Harmonica Reed Corporation.

Please let me know if you would like to contribute your list, whether digitized or not. I can convert all computer files and transcribe all prints.

This would be for ALL of us collectors.

The Harmonica List.

We can sort by date, manufacturer, type, key.

We can update the list and add old rare harmonicas which might contradict the holy bible, The Whiteman Anthology.

At this time I would like to thank John Whiteman for putting together the only reason I am able to even GUESS at the price of a harp.

(Harland, please remember to send me the second half of the Hohlner list)

UPDATE: January 26, 2015. Day of the SnowPocalypse 2015

Letter from Mr. Harland Crain, who may or may not have sent me the Hohner list:

Hi I sent you all I have on the Hohner harmonicas. You should receive it soon.Let me know when it arrives.

Hope you can sort out all the duplicates and less than great resolution. It is the way I received it. I have left nothing out it is what it is.
I and many other collectors have harmonicas not on the list but we need a good index to compare it to our collection. It has not been done before. John Whitemans is the best. He is well organized and very precise in all he does.
 Yes publish/post all you want. I think the finished work should be included in the newsletter with credit to you.

 OH I forgot I can send you a copy of my Hohner list. Give me a few days

All is well here we are having very nice weather hope you can keep safe and warm.
Regards Harland

Response from Moi:

Hi Harland,

Thank you!! Will definitely let you know when the package arrives.
There is a Snowpocalypse coming here. argh.
The Harmonica Project is going to be what the Whitman should have been in the first place. A real searchable database, WITH lots text and pictures.
Each harmonica will have it’s own entry, all the fields filled out that we have information on: Manufacturer, year, key, size, type, etc.
These are the columns that are in the Hohner book and your your Hohner list, for example.
My idea is that a seller (me) can go on the web to The Harmonica Project, do a quick search and find all the information available for any harp. For example: Hohner, The Echo Harp, Lovely Gypsy(?)woman on the cover of the box, and find out why in the world that harp is called The Ugly Woman. (why indeed? do you know?)
John Whiteman’s Anthology is the best list for me to start with. I can incorporate ALL of that information, especially because it is very precise and organized. What is the best way to reach him? I need to purchase the book(?) that he refers to all the time in the Anthology. Did you have a chance to ask him about that?
best in blizzard,