Dear Mr. Ebay Seller…..



You were not very nice at all.

In fact, you were awful.

The lovely rare gorgeous extremely old harmonica was shipped TERRIBLY.


You RIPPED the box.

And you NEVER apologized. I really do not like sellers like you.

Why are the MOST expensive harmonicas shipped the worst.

I give explicit instructions and some sellers STILL ship terribly.

The best shippers tend to ship the tiniest harps. Why is that??


masses of harmonica site links


links to harmonica type websites, blogs, listservs.

Harmonicas Rock!!. (wordpress blog editing functions do not.)

Just copied my whole Harp bookmark list on Chrome. Here we go: THE list of harps. 

The BEST BEST MOST wonderful blues harmonica teaching video anywhere on earth. THE authority on harps.;wap!forum/harp-l;wap2;imode;wap2;jsessionid=1A82F9546847016C65C8AB245BA3D6E9?id=242670&db=object&page=1&view=detail

It worked!!!

Maybe I need to explain each link, whatever.

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